How do I know what I've spent credits on?




  • Najma McVey

    Hi, I am on a free trial period, so I guess I have no credit? How do I find ownership info on a site I am checking ?


  • Najma McVey

    Andrew Moist says:' You can check your credit transaction history by going to "My account" under the main menu.'

    Where is the main menu located? I can't find 'My account' it because I haven't created one yet? 

  • Andrew Moist

    Najma - I've updated the article so hopefully it should be clearer now. The trial period does come with credits - check your My account page as described above.

  • Patricia Richardson

    Ok, I have just clicked on my name in the top rhs corner and I get the following menu 

     - My Activities

    - Edit my profile 

    - Sign out 

    No option for checking my credit transaction history there, where would I find it please ? 


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