Sometimes you need to mark points of interest on the map.

It could be opportunities (a local feature that would act as a selling point), important details (position of bus stops) or problems (like a protected tree or mineshaft on a site or interest).

The simplest way to mark these kinds of features is with the points of interest pin.

Adding a point of interest pin

Step 1:

Open up the toolbar by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner, like so:

Step 2:

Click the Point of Interest tool (furthest on the right of the tool options):

Step 3:
Then just click on the map to choose where to drop the pin.

You can combine this with the textbox tool to leave a bit more information for yourself or others who may see the map.

Step 4:
Need to delete the point of interest? Just click the bin icon in the Object Specs box on the right. You'll get a warning message, but just click to confirm and it'll be gone.

That's it!

So go and add in all the detail you need to give yourself the edge when sourcing sites.

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