On a paper map, you can scribble notes, add ideas, do quick calculations. Well, you can recreate all that flexibility with your LandInsight maps too.

Adding a textbox

Step 1:

Open the drawing toolbar by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner (circled in red below):

Step 2:

Then select the textbox tool (the 'T' shape):

Step 3:
When you add a textbox, the text will be visible one zoom level above and below where you save it – helping you to keep national-scale notes separate from street-level insights (and avoiding everything getting too cluttered).

So, when you're at the right zoom level, click on the map where you want to put the textbox.

The Object Specs box will appear on the right. Then you just type in the 'Edit text' box, and what you enter will appear directly on the map, like so:

Step 4:

Don't need the note anymore? Simply click the bin icon in the Object Specs box to delete it.

That's it – so feel free to start adding everything your maps need to boost your results.

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