Our users love LandInsight’s flexibility – especially on the Unlimited plan. 

That means there’s no ‘right’ way to use the platform. But we have noticed five ‘wrong’ ways.

The good thing is that these mistakes are easy to avoid – if you’re aware of them. 

So I wanted to tell you what they are, so you can steer clear (and boost your results).

Mistake #1: Neglecting onboarding time

LandInsight is pretty easy to use. In fact, you can source sites within seconds of logging on for the first time.

The problem with an easy-to-use system is that it can be deceptively easy to use

Beneath the surface of all that simplicity is a powerful engine that can seriously rev up your site sourcing. 

If you just start sourcing sites without looking into the best ways, then you’ll be less efficient than you otherwise could be. Or worse – you’ll miss out entirely on some of the game-changing features that could boost your results even further.

After all, you can’t make the most of a feature that you don’t know exists...

Just a short amount of time invested in learning the system (attending pre-arranged training sessions, joining our webinars, looking at the help centre, using the support etc.) can pay huge dividends in the future.

In fact, our experience shows us that those who aren’t proficient by week eight are likely to see their results fall well behind the competition – so make the most of everything on offer.

To get you started, check out our collection of tutorial videos and see what the LandInsight can really do

Mistake #2: Relying on a scattergun approach

You’ve got the system. You’re excited. You run a search. Then another. Then another.

So many different possibilities at your fingertips can be really exciting. But firing off random scattergun searches isn’t exactly the best way to get the most from your account. 

Having a systematic approach is far better. That will mean having solid answers to questions like:

  • What kind of site exactly are you looking for (and where)?

  • Do any restrictions on potential sites (from the planning policy or planning applications layers) affect their potential?

  • How do potential sites compare to other nearby properties and recent sales (found via the comparables layer)?

This kind of systematic approach to sites is far more effective – especially in the long run. Even more so if you have an effective way of tracking it all.

Which leads us on to...

Mistake #3: Ignoring the Sites Pipeline

The Sites Pipeline is an invaluable part of your LandInsight account. It lets you track opportunities. Progress them. See what’s working best, and what isn’t. Even track sites you’ve previously ruled out (so you don’t waste time on them again in the future).

You get all that, and much much more. But only if you use it.

Of course, like the rest of the system it’s incredibly flexible, so how you use it is up to you.

That said, here are our ten tips to get the most from your Sites Pipeline.

Mistake #4: Missing out on proactive alerts

There’s a lot you can do to work with the system. But there’s also a lot you can do to make the system work for you.

If you’re not familiar with the proactive alerts you can use – you should be.

Let’s take Planning Alerts. These are automatic emails that arrive in your inbox telling you about any planning applications that could impact a potential deal you’re looking into – and they’re sent within 24 hours of those applications being added to the council’s website.

That means you’re one of the first to know if a site you’re interested in has just been denied planning permission, or if a rival has just put in a huge application for a plot nearby, for instance.

And now there are Ownership Alerts too so now you can get monthly updates when any of your saved sites change hands, so you can react accordingly. 

That’s some pretty useful information to have automatically arriving in your inbox.

Mistake #5: Forgetting about us – the Customer Success team

We’re the Customer Success team. We’re here to help you succeed.

We offer a whole host of different ways to do that, such as:

And if a personal Customer Success Manager is included as part of your subscription, you have someone whose entire job is to get you using the system to full capacity. Someone who works to understand your business objectives, and helps you achieve them. Someone who can build a personalised success plan so you get results that can really change your business.

(If you don’t have a Customer Success Manager and would be interested in adding one to your plan, contact your Account Manager who’ll be able to help out on the next steps).

Basically, we want to help you succeed – so don’t miss out.

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