If you download a Land Registry document through LandInsight it should appear instantly. There could be two reasons it hasn’t.

1. You need to refresh 

It might just take a little while to refresh, but you can speed this up by logging out and signing back in again.

2. It’s a non-digitised record

The Land Registry has been around a while (since 1862, in fact). 

That means some of their records aren’t digitised yet – especially for sites that haven’t changed hands in a while.

If you haven’t automatically got the record, it might be because they have to physically mail you a copy.

Make sure the correct address is filled out on your account:

  1. Click the icon in the top right

  2. Select “Your Account”

  3. Select “Your Address”

  4. Add or amend the address

If you haven’t heard anything within two working days, let us know and we can chase it up for you.

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