We rely on a number of data sources to populate LandInsight. Usually, these data sources are spot on, but sometimes there are slight issues trying to reconcile all the different formats and different ways they’re sent to us. 

(And sometimes there was simply a mistake with the data input at the other end, so what they send us isn’t quite right). 

If you spot something that doesn’t seem right, the best thing to do is to start a conversation with us in help centre so we can look into it.

Useful things to tell us

If you can, try and send us all this information to help us check it out faster:

  1. The planning reference number – this is the only thing we need

  2. A screenshot (if possible)

  3. Address (if possible)

  4. A link to the site on the Local Authority planning portal (if possible)

Send us as much as you can, then one of our Customer Success team will work out what’s happening and let you know the next steps.

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