Some of our data partners charge every time you access their information. To keep accessing it, you need to upload credit.

Here’s what those features are, and how you can get access.

Ordnance Survey MasterMap™ Views

Ordnance Survey MasterMap™ Views are the most accurate way to view an area. As such, Ordnance Survey charge every time a MasterMap™ View is used.

You get a number of MasterMap™ Views automatically included in your plan:

Starter: 25 views per month
Pro: 100 views per month
Unlimited: 100 views per month by default (with custom plans available)

If you find you’re regularly going over your views, speak to our team about whether upgrading your plan could be the right option.

Or you can message the help centre for advice on making the most of you allocation.

Land Registry document credit

You can also easily buy Land Registry documents through your LandInsight account. These documents cost the same through LandInsight as they do buying from Land Registry directly – only £3 per document.

There’s a whole help centre article on how to top up your Land Registry credit here.

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