When you're in the planning layer and your zoom is set to the correct level, you'll see an array of coloured dots displayed on the map. This helps you get an overview of the planning activity in any given area.

Each dot represents a planning application that relates to one or more residential properties. The information comes from planning applications submitted to councils.

The more recent an application, the darker the dot. The larger the size of the development, the larger the size of the dot.

Depending on your zoom level, you may see some blue dots situated on the map. These blue dots represent applications that are older than 5 years and/or non-residential. Blue dots don’t vary in colour or size but you can click to find further information about the application.

TIP: The filters in the Planning Search panel can help if you’re looking for something specific. Depending on the area, we have historical data for the last 5-20 years. You can use the date filter in the Planning Search to search via date.

TIP: This data is updated every day. Create a planning alert to stay up to date.

Questions you may have:

How do I set up planning alerts?

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How can I search for planning applications?

To learn how to search for planning applications, click here.

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