Step 1: Conduct your search.

Step 2: Once all the sites you wish to save are in the search area. Choose a stage to add the sites or name a new stage.

Step 3: Click Add. 

That's it! All the sites in the search have been saved in the respective stage. Go to the Sites Area to see them.

How to save multiple sites that are next to each other (Land Assembly):

Draw a custom site and save it to the stage of your choice:

Step 1:
Hover over the tool icon.

Step 2: Select the draw site boundary tool (first one).

Step 3: Draw your site. Simply click to draw the boundary.

  • You can move the nodes by clicking on them and dragging them to where you want them.

Step 4: Give your site a name and save it in a stage.

  • Once saved you can add notes if you wish.

That's it! Your custom site has been saved and can be viewed in the sites area. The site card of custom sites can be extremely useful. To learn about the site card, click here.

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