The Radius Tool is particularly useful for identifying how far a site is from basic social and transport infrastructure. For Example, if you are searching sites for a care home then you might have criteria for distances to the train station, hospital, town centre, etc. You can use the Radius Tool in any layer. 

How to draw a circle:

Step 1: Hover over the tool icon.

  • This will expand to show the tools available to you- draw a custom site, measuring a distance, drawing a circle, printing.

Step 2: Click on the circle icon (third down).

  • This will open up the tool in a tab called Radius

Step 3: Click on the map to place a circle.

  • Zoom out to get perspective

Step 4: Adjust the size of the circle by radius or walking distance.

To move your circle, click and drag the centre of the circle to where you want it.

To delete your circle, select your circle and click on the Bin Icon in the Radius tab.

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