The Radius Tool is particularly useful for identifying how far a site is from basic social and transport infrastructure. For Example, if you are searching sites for a care home then you might have criteria for distances to the train station, hospital, town centre, etc. You can use the Radius Tool in any layer. 

How to draw a circle:

Step 1:
Hover over the tool icon, then click the "Place a circle on the map" icon when it expands out.

Step 2:
Click where you want the centre of the circle to be, so that you can measure the radius from it, say, from a train station like this:

Step 3:
If you want to change the radius, you can set it by entering the amounts in the fields on the right-hand side, either as an exact distance, or a rough estimate of time to travel (e.g. five minutes away).

Step 4:

Need to move the circle? Simply drag and drop it to the new location, like so:

Step 5:
Don't need it anymore? Simply click the bin icon on the right to delete it.

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