The ruler tool allows you to measure distances right on the map. This can be particularly useful to measure road width, store frontage, distances to locations of interest. You can quickly assess whether you could pass planning on a site, by instantly measuring out distances. 

How to use the ruler:

Step 1:  Hover over the tool icon.

  • This will expand to show the tools available to you- draw a custom site, measuring a distance, drawing a circle, printing.

Step 2: Click on the second icon to launch the ruler tool

Step 3: Click on the map where you want to start measuring, click again to mark a node. The the ruler will measure the distance between the two nodes.

  • In the above example, I have a site that has a river behind it. I know I won't get planning permission to build within 100 ft of the river. A quick measurement tells me the plot is plenty long and potentially suitable for my needs.

To continue measuring, simply click to where you want to continue the measurement to. You easily can measure odd shapes.

 To delete your current measurement, simple click cancel in the ruler tab.

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