What is an Ultimate Owner?

The freeholder of a property may not always have the authority to make decisions about selling the property. Sometimes the freeholder has a parent company with controlling interest. In those cases it is useful to understand who the right contact is. The Ultimate Owner is typically the 'true' owner of the site and is the person or company to contact if you would like to acquire the site or obtain further information.

The Ultimate Owner feature enables you to identify who has significant control of a site and gives you their contact address. The feature is integrated into our ownership search for all our unlimited users. If you are a Starter or Pro user and wish to get access to this feature, click here.

Why use the Ultimate Owner feature?

The Ultimate Owner feature can be particularly useful for:

1. Portfolio assessment

Assess how many properties someone owns. This can help you negotiate better. It can help you find out if someone is legitimate, and is who they say they are. You can also use it to keep an eye on your competitors and what properties they are acquiring. 

2. Distressed vendor identification

A company, for example, going through financial difficulty could quickly become a motivated seller. With an Ultimate Owner search, you'll be able to find out all the companies it is associated with and potentially benefit from an off-market opportunity at a good price.

If you know that a company is in distress and will be selling off its assets you can track all its properties (and the properties of its subsidiaries) with a simple search and filter our the properties that could be relevant to you. 

Where does this Ultimate Owner information come from?

We have developed algorithms to enable us to derive robust company tree information with data from Companies House

Companies House is a government section within the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation. As such, it is the central point for information regarding company ownership so we have used the data to make it simple and easy to search and provide a visual link between companies.

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