Here is a list of common errors with further information:

"The ownership information you requested is not currently available. Some title deeds may take 24 hours to be processed. You will notified by email when this information is available"

If for any reason we cannot fetch the information immediately from the Land Registry, we retry and let you know when it's ready. This is usually a technical issue. You will receive an email with either a link to the full information or a reason why it could not be fetched (with a credit refund).


"Your request has been acknowledged and is being processed. Ownership information is available between 6.30am to 11.00pm every day. Check back again soon."

The Land Registry website is only available for us to use within certain times of the day. If you purchased information during the night, you will receive an email in the morning when the information is ready for you to see.


"Purchasing data is currently disabled for this account."

Please contact us if you feel this is a mistake. It usually happens on trial accounts.


"You have already purchased this information within the last 48 hours. Some title deeds may take 24 hours to be processed."

This may happen if you attempt to purchase information and it is not returned immediately. If you attempt to click a second time, this error message will show again since your purchase has already been acknowledged and is still being processed. 


"Sorry, the ownership information you requested is not currently available. You have not been charged. Please try again later. This occasionally happens if the Land Registry or Land Insight is under maintenance."

Any planned maintenance work is announced on the help desk. If this error persists, please contact us.

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