The £/sqft tool lets you calculate the Sold Price/sqft and Market Value/sqft for any area. To learn how to best use this feature click here.

Data Sources

  • We get the sale price for sites straight from Land Registry

  • We then calculate the market value of a site by combining the Land Registry sale price with the UK House Price Index – an index that combines local authority and property type data to estimate price changes. We update our data as soon as it's released by Land Registry (usually monthly).

  • The floor area of a property for the square footage (sqft) is based on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data.


Price Sold / sqft = Sold price as per Land Registry/ Area as per EPC

Market Value/ sqft = Market Value (Indexed Sold Price)/ Area as per EPC

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How do I use the £/sqft calculator?

To learn how to calculate the Price/sqft for an area based on comparable sites, click here.

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