What is an OS Map view?

The ‘OS Map’ feature offers the highest level of map accuracy. It is the premium MasterMap™ by Ordnance Survey, which we've handily integrated into LandInsight.

Why have I run out of OS Map views?

Your account includes a certain number of OS Map views every month, depending on which plan you're on.  

If you go beyond your limit, the map will automatically be disabled until your credits are added again the next month (so you'll not be charged for going over).

For tips on how to make the most of your OS Map allowance scroll down to the end of this article.


What counts as an OS Map view?

The short answer: As a rule of thumb, rendering one laptop sized screen in OS Maps counts as one view. 

If you move the map at all, or zoom in or out, that will use another view.

The slightly longer (technically precise) answer: The map is made up of many smaller map tiles that are placed together to form one larger map. Those tiles look like this:

One OS Map view is technically 24 map tile images (the amount that fit on the average laptop-sized screen). As you browse and zoom the map, more map tiles are loaded as needed. When a further 24 map tiles have been loaded, another 'view' is used.

Credits are only used when viewing the map at the property level. If you zoom out further to the town/city/county level we don't charge (so you won't accidentally use all your credit by zooming out too far).

How can I make the most of my OS Map allowance?

For general browsing, always try to stick to the Google Street Map or Google Satellite Map. This is free to use, so you can browse around as much as you like.

When you've found exactly what you're looking for you can then switch over to OS Maps to get that additional level of detail.

Once you're done, switch back to Google Maps so you save your credits for next time you need them.

(Plus if you have a large desktop monitor, you can resize your browser to reduce the map size, which will cut the number of credits you use.)

How many OS Map Views do I have left?

To learn how to check how many OS Map views you have left, click here.

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