To make sure you have the best (and most secure) LandInsight experience, you need a modern browser that can handle anything.

That's why we occasionally we need to drop support for older browsers that can't keep up.

Luckily, if your browser isn't supported anymore, getting a new one is really simple, and completely free.

How to upgrade your browser

If you're responsible for upgrading the software on your computer, we'd recommend installing the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox. (And if it's someone else's responsibility ask them really nicely - it's a very quick job.)

Which browsers do we support?

  • Safari - latest and last major version

  • Chrome - latest and last major version

  • Firefox - latest and last major version

  • Microsoft Edge - latest and last major version

  • Other browsers may work, but we cannot guarantee all features will be working 

Which browsers don't we support?

  • Internet Explorer (all versions) from 7th January 2021

  • Older browsers that don't support Web GL

Where can I learn more about my browser version?

See What browser am I using?

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