What are OS Map Views?

The ‘OS Map’ feature offers the highest level of precision for mapping accuracy. It is the premium MasterMap™ by Ordnance Survey integrated into LandInsight. Your account includes a free allowance of OS Map views every month without extra charge.

How many OS Map Views do I have remaining?

The number of remaining OS MasterMap Views are displayed in the bottom left corner of your screen. (You can only see this when you are in the OS Map view, not it Google Map/ Satellite view).

Questions you may have:

Why have I run out of OS Map Views?

To learn what counts as an OS Map View, click here.

How can I make the most of your OS Map views? 

We recommend that you use the Google Street Map or Google Satellite Map for general browsing. When you are ready to view additional detail for a specific site, zoom in to see the property and only switch to the OS Map when you need to. If you are using a large desktop monitor, you can resize your browser to reduce the map size which will reduce credits.

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