Referrals Programme FAQ

How does free access work?

You fill in the form to refer a friend. If they sign-up and pay, you get the equivalent back straight away. For example, if you are on the starter plan and someone signs up to the pro plan, your account would be credited with £150. You can choose to continue with your starter plan and get free access for 3 months or upgrade straight away. By default, we always keep your current plan. 

If you refer someone on a cheaper plan, you get that money taken off your next invoice. 


What do they need to do when signing up?

They need to use the promo code that is clearly stated in the invitation email. 


Why have I only been given ownership credits when they signed up?

If your friend only did a trial and cancelled, you would not gain any free subscription access. We still give you 100 ownership credits as a bonus for trying.


Can I refer people to Land Insight from my website/email?

Yes. We have a way for doing this. Please get in touch via email so we can provide a special link for you. 


Can I refer during my free trial?

Yes. If you successfully refer someone before your trial ends, you do not pay for your first month.


I'm on the free plan since my trial ended. Can I refer to get free access?

Yes. Once you have referred someone successfully, you can upgrade anytime in the app for free.


I've got a team account with unlimited ownership. Can I still refer?

Yes. Credit will be added to your account as usual. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss this.


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