OS Map Views Explained

"OS Map" is the premium MasterMap™ by Ordnance Survey. It offers the highest level of precision for mapping accuracy.

Your account includes a free amount of usage every month without extra charge. 

If you go beyond your limit, the map will be disabled. To add extra credits to your account, get in touch.

How do you calculate a single OS Map view?

The map is made up of many small map images that load and are stitched together to make one large map. 

This is an example map image "tile":

One "map view" is viewing 24 map tile images. Typically 24 map tiles are initially loaded on a laptop sized screen. As you browse and zoom the map, more map tiles are loaded as needed. When a further 24 map tiles have been loaded, another 1 credit is used.

Credits are only used when viewing the map at the property level. If you zoom out further to the town/city / county levels we do not charge. 

How can I reduce my credit usage?

We recommend that for general browsing, the Google Street Map or Google Satellite Map is used as the base map. When you are ready to view additional detail for a specific site, zoom in to see the property and only switch to the OS Map when you need to.

If you are using a large desktop monitor, you can resize your browser to reduce the map size which will reduce credits.


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