Fixing 'Unsupported Browser' on Google Chrome

There is currently a bug which exists on Google Chrome that prevents Land Insight running on a fully up-to-date browser.

Members of the Google Chrome team have acknowledged this issue and have confirmed that a fix will be released for Windows late May/early June 2017 and for OS X in the months following.

For the meanwhile, there are a handful of steps you can try in order to get Land Insight running on Chrome in the interim:

Try each of these steps in order and try Land Insight after each step. 

Enable hardware acceleration:

  • Go to chrome://settings (in the address bar)
  • Click the + Show advanced settings button
  • In the System section, ensure the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox is checked
  • Relaunch Chrome

Ensure WebGL is enabled:

  • Go to chrome://flags (in the address bar)
  • In newer versions, this option of Disable WebGL will not be available, you will instead have to search for WebGL 2.0 (or some different version) that looks like this:

       enter image description here

  • Here you will have to change Default to Enabled in the drop down.
  • Relaunch Chrome

Ensure you have the correct Chrome components:

  • Go to chrome://components (in the address bar)
  • Look for an entry in the list called Swift Shader
  • If you cannot find it, move to the next step
  • If you can find it, click Check for Updates
  • Wait until it says either Component Updated or Component not Updated
  • Relaunch Chrome

Override Chrome Blacklist

  • Note: This feature may cause your browser to become unstable, so use with caution. But, this fix has been known to work in a lot of cases.
  • Go to chrome://flags (in the address bar)
  • Activate the Override software rendering list setting
  • Relaunch Chrome


If none of the above fixes work, you will have to use a different browser until Google Chrome resolves this issue. We recommend Firefox, but Safari, Edge, or Internet Explorer will also work).



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    Jethro East

    Override software rendering list worked for me. Thanks

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    Jethro East

    Mmmm...unfortunately this has also caused Google Maps to stop working...

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